The language of LOLspeak: oh hai kittehs!

by Jennifer Oxley*

LOLcatsLOLspeak (where LOL is an acronym for laugh out loud) is a variety of English that can be described as the human interpretation of how cats might speak English if they could. It is a playful interpretation that includes things like deliberate grammatical mistakes, misspellings, and baby talk. LOLspeak is primarily used in a satirical or humorous manner on pictures of cats that are posted on the internet. These pictures, with either LOLspeak or Standard English captions added to them, are known as LOLcats, a popular internet meme. An example of LOLspeak used on a LOLcat image can be seen here in the picture of the kitten and the coin. Continue reading

Dictionary Dogs

Because dictionaries are too good to waste on cats and humans.

Ozworder Harriet. Specialism: Fashion. Barking mad on: houndstooth, 'a design of broken check; a fabric of this design' 1st recorded in New York in 1936

Ozworder Hap. Specialism: Libraries & Latin. Barking mad on: carrel, 'a private kennel provided in a library for use by a reader'

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From LOLcats to Dictionary Cats

Ozworder Freddie. Specialism: Etymology. Purrfect Word: Nepeta, 'a type of catnip but yummier, dates from the 17th-century' (1633 to be precise, Freddie informs us)

Over the past decade, the popular internet meme ‘LOLcats’ has given birth to a new internet language: LOLspeak, a reimagining of English as spoken by cats in photographs. If you google ‘LOLcats’ you will find thousands of photographs of cats with funny captions in non-standard English, such as I can has cheeseburger and I r not surprized u haz no girlfriend.

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