Australian National Dictionary Centre’s Word of the Year 2012

Each year the ANDC selects a WORD OF THE YEAR. This year, we have selected:

green-on-blue(used in a military context) an attack made on one’s own side by a force regarded as neutral’.

This term has gained prominence in the Australian and international media due to the ongoing military involvement in Afghanistan.

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Words from our Word Box: update 1

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By  the ANDC team

Regular readers of our blog will know that at the Australian National Dictionary Centre we recently initiated a new feature on our website called Word Box. This feature enables members of the public to submit words that are either new to them or used in an unfamiliar way. Word Box is alerting us to new words and meanings that may be used in updating our general dictionaries, or included in our collection of Australian words. The team at the ANDC would like to thank all those who have already contributed to Word Box, and we encourage everyone to participate. Here are a few of the more interesting contributions. Continue reading

Introducing Word Box …

by Amanda Laugesen

When James Murray, first editor of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), set about his massive project of defining and chronicling the English language, he realised the need for a volunteer force to undertake the reading of printed works in the English language. In April 1879 he sent out ‘An Appeal to the English-Speaking and English-Reading Public in Great Britain, America and the British Colonies to read books and make extracts for the Philological Society’s New English Dictionary’. He asked people to: ‘Make a quotation for every word that strikes you as rare, obsolete, old-fashioned, new, peculiar or used in a peculiar way.’

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