Kangaroo route (Word of the Month for July 2014)


Winston Churchill says g'day to 'Digger' the kangaroo in 1947.

Winston Churchill says g’day to ‘Digger’ the kangaroo at the London Zoo in 1947.

by the ANDC team

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kangaroo route


Our Word of the Month for July is ‘kangaroo route’: a name for an air route between Australia and the United Kingdom via a stopover in another country, originally as flown by Qantas. The term appeared in the period of the Second World War when there were several stopovers in south-east Asia and the Middle East. You can read the full Word of the Month in PDF form on our website or read it in an online format.

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  1. Unfortunately I have no documentation, but I dimly recall my father in the early 1960s using this term for the New York City > Gander, Newfoundland, Canada > Reykjavik, Iceland > Shannon, Ireland > London air route that was used before nonstop flights became practical.

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