Words from our Word Box: update 2

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by the ANDC team

This is the second instalment in our regular updates about contributions made to the Australian National Dictionary Centre’s Word Box. We invite members of the public to alert us to words and phrases that are either new to them or used in an unfamiliar way by submitting them to our Word Box. These contributions allow our editors to identify new material both for our general Australian Oxford dictionaries and for our archive of Australian words, and to share these findings with you. We thank everyone for their submissions and encourage you to contribute to Word Box – just click on the Word Box image to post your word. A few of the more interesting contributions from the last three months are discussed below. Some we have come across previously, and some are new to us. We welcome any comments about your understanding or experience of these words.

creepshot – a sexually exploitative photograph of a person (usually a girl or woman) taken without consent. Most of the evidence suggests that these photographs are taken surreptitiously and shared on various Internet forums. Evidence from the last couple of years.

fixie – a fixed-gear bicycle. The fixie has become associated in Australia with hipsters – the fashionable young urbanites who favour these bikes. They were initially associated with certain forms of competitive bicycle racing and stunt riding. Evidence from the early 2000s.

fur child (also fur kid) – a pet animal, usually a dog or cat, especially one that is indulged. Evidence from the 1990s.

guestie – a guest appearance on (or guest role in) a television program; a person who makes such an appearance. Often as to do a guestie. Initial research shows that this might be an Australian term. Evidence from the early 2000s.

meatatarian – a person who eats, or prefers to eat, meat. This word arose in opposition to the word ‘vegetarian’. Evidence from the 1990s.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle (in a cricketing context) short for Michelle Pfeiffer, rhyming slang for ‘five fer’, the taking of five wickets in an innings, as in ‘he took another Michelle in the second innings’. Evidence from the late 1990s.

phablet – a small handheld device combining a mobile phone and tablet computer (i.e. an iPad or iPad-like computer). A blend of ‘phone’ and ‘tablet’. Evidence from the last couple of years.

root rater – any of various social media websites that rate the sexual performance of individuals. This is an Australian term (from root – 1 a sexual partner; 2 an act of sex). Evidence from the last couple of years.